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Managing Money

Foundations are present all over the world. They have many objectives: One foundation has the aim to preserve modern arts for forthcoming generations and make them accessible to broad audiences; another foundation’s goal is to help people fighting against malaria. Even if the type of foundations is very different, they have a main similarity: They need money for what they do. And one of the main difficulties is that they are not able to get money from their members all the time. They get money once and than need to be able to live from this money for a long time.


Consultants in Mission for Investment Consulting

The leaders of a foundation need to be sure that the financial risks are as little as possible. Normally foundations don’t want to be touched with financial subjects but want to be able to concentrate on the main issues as buying new pictures or spending money in an anti-malaria project. For this reason it is important to have a good investment consulting that leads to good results for the money and the capital being untouched.


Managing Wealth in Switzerland

Portfolio Consulting is a player on the market of consulting that is well anchored in Switzerland. One of their specialities in Switzerland is their wealth management Schweiz. Enthusiastic persons who know very well the specifics of the market in Switzerland with legal, financial and all other properties that are important for actors in Swiss market.


Get Assets With a Family Office Schweiz

With their knowledge about the Swiss market the partners at Portfolio Consulting have a big advantage also in the field of asset management that is growing. The main idea of Portfolio Consulting is to overview all the asset managers of their clients. In this way it is possible to make a family office Schweiz that manages all the properties of a family.


Trust in people

People trust in the service of Portfolio Consulting. This is shown by the many clients they have. Not only Switzerland is lucky to get the service of this consulting agency but there are also people and families in Germany who trust in the service of the Munich based consultants.